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Taneora takes on the NZ Arb Husqvarna Tree Climbing Competition

Taneora Martin, our Liaison Arborist, will participate in the 2024 NZ Arb Husqvarna Tree Climbing Competition on Friday 8 March at Milverton Park in Palmerston North.

This competition will showcase the top arborists from the Wellington region competing for a place in the 2024 NZ Arb National Tree Climbing Competition. Although Taneora will represent Waipā Networks and Waikato Tree Services as an out-of-region climbing participant, his participation highlights his eagerness to improve his skills and push boundaries.

We're proud of Taneora's participation in this competition. His commitment to excellence, strategic approach to refining his skills, and dedication to continuous improvement are commendable. It's a testament to the quality of talent within our organisation.

Taneora's participation in the Wellington event is a stepping stone to the Waikato regional competition that will take place on Saturday 30 March in New Plymouth. By participating in both events, Taneora can refine his skills and showcase Waikato Tree Services' expertise on the regional stage.

We wish Taneora all the best as he represents us at this competition!

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