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Congratulations to Taneora Martin at the NZ Arb Husqvarna Auckland event

Over the weekend, our very own Taneora Martin, Liaison Arborist extraordinaire, represented us with skill and determination at the NZ Arb Husqvarna Auckland event, showcasing our talent and expertise within our team.


While his overall regional ranking may not have been as high as he'd hoped, his individual achievement shone brightly. Out of the 41 participants, he secured 11th place overall, but his performance in the Speed Climb Event was outstanding.


The Speed Climb Event is a belayed speed climb that tests climbers' ability to quickly determine the best and most efficient route to reach the top of the tree while avoiding getting the rope snagged on branches and/or damaging the tree. The tree they climbed in the weekend was set at 30 metres. This event is timed, and the competitor who reaches and rings the bell in the shortest time is the winner. Taneora clinched second place in this fiercely competitive event, finishing with an impressive time of 34 seconds!


The event requires split-second decision-making and impeccable technique to ascend swiftly while safeguarding themselves and the tree. His achievement shows his talent and the high standards we uphold in our work.


Congratulations, Taneora, on your accomplishment, and thanks for representing our team with such excellence. Your hard work, commitment, and talent have made us all proud.

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