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Silky Oak - Skin irritation

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Silky Oak (Grevillia robusta) is a common species of tree in the Waikato, but contrary to it's name, is not actually a type of Oak tree. Few know the dangers of dealing with Silky Oak, as not everyone suffers a reaction. Some people will develop an allergy over time, yet others will never have an issue, so it is hard to know whether or not you could be allergic. We have had staff members show anything from a mild rash, to a severe, almost anaphylactic reaction to Silky Oak which led to the employee having to take time off work. Since this incident we have taken measures to protect our staff from the dangers of Grevillia, and we always ensure those who are susceptible are not sent to work on the tree.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing whether or not you could be allergic to this species until you have dealt with it. Grevillia contains a chemical called resorcinol which can cause skin irritation upon exposure. In severe cases it will cause dermatitis and swelling of the affected areas which can take weeks to fully heal.

When dealing with Silky Oak, it is best to make sure your skin is fully covered, or call in a professional who has experience in dealing with these trees. Waikato Tree Services have dealt with many Grevillia in the past and can ensure all debris is safely disposed of.

Get in touch today, if you are concerned about your Silky Oak.

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